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Lynn Klotz 

(484) 375-8052 



"adoption fees start at $ 400 and depend on the amount of money needed to make sure the dog is healthy and adoptable. Fees increase according to age of the dog ".


Phone calls will be taken from 9-11am and 4-6pm. Texting preferred

Please join us on Facebook at "Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation, Inc., Pennsylvania" for the most up to date information on available dogs and alerts.

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Sweet Daisy:  This is an email from Daisy's owner who is in the arm forces.  Let's support our troops and love their dogs while they defend us. I am in the military and have been assigned to move with my family to Hawaii in June.  We do not believe that we are going to be able to bring Daisy with us to Hawaii for our assignment.  First, the cost of transportation, quarantine, ect. is not feasible.  Second, Daisy has hip dysplasia and we do not believe it would be in her best interests health wise to both endure a flight to Hawaii and the quarantine that she would have to endure in a kennel for up to 120 days in Hawaii.  In 2009 we did replace one of Daisy's hips at a substantial cost, but her other hip also has dysplasia.  Daisy was born in October 2008 and is 5 years old.  We purchased her from Valley of Sweet Saints, a breeder in West Virginia.  She is an absolutely wonderful dog and is the most loving and loyal dog to us and our four children (ages 2, 4, 7, 10).  She has also been raised with another dog, a 75lb., 10 year old Sheppard mix.  She gets along excellent with other dogs and loves to play with other dogs.  Besides the hip dysplasia, she is absolutely healthy and maintains a healthy weight.  She still manages to be active, and loves to run around outside for limited distances as her hip can give her some pain after sustained activity.  Although we currently live on 25 acres, she is primarily an indoor dog and loves laying down and snuggling with the whole family.  She is very social, loving, and just enjoys being surrounded by a family who will love her and take care of her.  We are very sad to have to find a new home for Daisy, but have decided it is in her best interests.  We are requesting your assistance in finding Daisy a new home if possible.  We have tried to do so on our own, but without the assistance of a rescue organization, it appears that there is not a lot of interest by most in adopting a 5 year old very large dog.  Daisy is a valued and treasured member of our family and everyone in our family is having a very difficult time with this decision.  However, we have to be realistic and have realized that bringing her to Hawaii is not feasible.   We live in Charlottesville, VA.  We are scheduled to leave for Hawaii the 2nd week in June.  Attached are some pictures of Daisy.  We plan to call you this week to discuss any assistance your organization could give us and what other options we have to ensure Daisy gets a great home to grow into in the future.  Thank you for your help and let me know if you need anything else from us. If you are interested in this wonderful dog, please go to and fill out an application or feel free to call us for further information.  Pls call Dawn McMahon 610-787-2353. 4/15/2014

Yogi: Hi my name is Yogi I am a 7 yr old St Bernard and this is my story. I was living with a family who had to move and no one will accept a dog as big as I am into an apartment, so my owners are heart broken that I need to find another home. So like I said I am 7 yrs old and neutered, UTD on my shots but my rabies is coming up, I am housetrained, not destructive at all. Another thing please don't let my age full you I still have spunk I've grown up with 3 kids and keep up with them. Yogi is in the Wilkes Barre PA area. 4/15/2014 


Yoshi: or shall we say, "Mr. Wonderful!"  1 yr old male who has hip issues and takes glucosamine - what saint bernard doesn't?  He needs to be walked and exercised and I believe he will do well.  He is living in Hagerstown, MD right now.  The woman has to give him up due to a difficult pregnancy and 2 toddlers already.  Husband works 80 hours and the dog is so sad and neglected right now, so that they called and asked if we could find a home with family who would love him and be home and give him the attention, love and continued training he deserves.  Please call Dawn McMahon at 610-787-2353 and go to and be sure to indicate Yoshi is your interest. 4/15/2014


Teddy: My name is Teddy.  I was born on January 15, 2009.  My family brought me home on February 15, 2009.  I weighed in at only 5 lbs and now Iíve grown to about 160 lbs.  They love me very much but canít keep me any longer.  I am very sweet and think that I am a lap dog.  I love to take baths and to get haircuts.  I get so excited when I hear the sound of clippers.     When I see people run I chase them; knock them down to shower them with kisses. I can be very clumsy and do not know my own strength.  I know how to sit, lay, speak, give both paws and lay my head down on command.   I am a little afraid of other dogs, as I was once bit on the nose by a neighborís dog.  I prefer to be around little dogs.   I have always been good around children. I have had epilepsy since earlier this year and have had about 4-5 seizures ONLY.  My seizures are completely controlled as long as I take my daily medication.  I take two 64mg Phenobarbital pills twice a day every day and have been seizure-free since I was put on medication. I haven't had a seizure in a long time, due to my meds. Recently my family moved and I now spend a lot of time alone and have started to pee and poop since Iím so upset and lonely.  I even bit my dad when he tried to take a bone away from me.  They are too scared that I can hurt one of the kids to keep me.  I need a home that will be patient and show me lots of love and attention. 4/10/2014

JACKSON: IS ON RIGHT - HE IS THE 8 MO OLD SAINT PUP WHO NEEDS TRAINING. He will only be adopted out to saint experienced parents.  He is being fixed today and having a full vet exam, including shots. He was never trained and merely kept in crate. He needs an experienced home with the time and energy to devote to his maturing and being a wonderful gentle giant. Please call Jen at 484-375-8052 to hear more about Jackson. We know these aren't the best photos. They were just taken before he went to the vet for neutered. More pics to come. 4/8/2014

Moose: is a handsome 4-year old boy who loves the outdoors but don't mistake that he doesn't love being at your feet too while you are watching TV or working from home.  When you first meet Moose, heís a little reserved and cautious, but once he warms up to you, heíll be your best friend and protect you always.  Moose has been around teenage children but not very young children.  He goes to dog parks and gets along with the other dogs.  Moose is an escape artist who constantly breaks his invisible fence so he can go out and visit his other dog friends.  He also likes to patrol his property and will bark an alert to anything strange going on around his home.  Moose has some basic training and knows sit, paw, stay, down.  He is up-to-date on all shots and would love for you to consider him.  He needs a fenced in yard.  Also, he gets along with other dogs and love kids that aren't too small - only because how big he is and he thinks he is a puppy still.  Please call Dawn McMahon at 610-787-2353 or go to and fill out an application for adoption.  Moose is currently being fostered in Pittsburgh, PA. (1st Pic - Moose is first on left; 2nd Pic - Moose in Middle and 3rd Pic) Moose is standing up on left).4/3/2014

Norris: is a very sweet Saint Bernard/ Shepherd mix. He is good with other dogs; gentle with kids and friendly with people. He has good leash manners and understands basic commands, and he is well mannered in the house.  We think he is about 5 yrs old, but checking on that. 3/25/2014


Bella: and MAX: are a perfect match!  They are brother and sister, born on 10-10-10, Saint Bernard / Newfoundland mixes. Max is roughly 195 lbs and Bella is around 130- pictures do not do them justice. Unfortunately, their loving mom who has always been a great support of saint rescue has cancer and her treatments have rendered her too weak to care for her babies. They are a great age, very gentle and calm in the house, but outside will run and play like puppies. They LOVE their walks, and do well on a leash. They should go to a home with a fenced in yard so they can continue to get exercise, they also have a great recall in the yard to come inside. They should go to a home with no other pets. They are not dog aggressive but would do better in a home by themselves. They have not met a cat in person but have seen a few outside and are VERY eager to go meet them- which could easily hurt a cat/small dog by accident. They both love car rides, so make sure you have a big SUV to haul them around, and a ramp would be a help for both of them. They love everyone they meet, if you start petting Bella you will have a friend for life- she will not leave your side and will head nod you if you stop! Bella is definitely the lover of the two, where Max is the class clown as he plays with oversize tennis balls. These are wonderful dogs, fully house broken, will NOT eat food off of your table, and very well mannered. They are both fixed and UTD on vaccines. Bella was groomed 3/11/14, and Max had a good brushing (he was too big for the groomers tub). They are loving life with their foster mommy and daddy but would love to have a place they could call their forever home. 3/8/2014



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