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Lynn Klotz 

(484) 375-8052 



"adoption fees start at $ 400 and depend on the amount of money needed to make sure the dog is healthy and adoptable."


Phone calls will be taken from 9-11am and 4-6pm. Texting preferred

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HANDSOME: This sweet fella needs a new home. The owners moved and have no room for him anymore. He is extra sweet and it is so sad that he is being rehomed merely because of "no room" - 5 years old - Rough coat - 150 lbs - Neutered - UTD on Shots - East Paven CT 06512. Has been around all dogs except Rotties, Does not like cats, Leash good if at the right place on neck with a choker - He good with children of all ages - No aggressive. Please call dawn at 610-787-2353 if you have the time and room and love in your heart and home to give this sweet, healthy living teddy bear! 8/29/2014

Izzy: her full name is Isabelle Alexis Kennedy. Born 8/11/2006. She is a dry mouth. She is current with all her immunizations and is licensed and lives in Hershey PA. She is not spayed. Izzy has been with the same family since she was 13 weeks old. She was bred once at approx. 3 years old and had 12 pups. She has spent her whole life surrounded by other dogs and cats and other critters. She does on occasion chase the one cat that is afraid of dogs but could care less about the other ones. She does know commands as sit, lay down, stay etc. but doesn't always follow them especially if there is a lot of distractions such as other animals in the room. She can get quite jealous if you pet one animal and not her at the same time. She has been good around children until recently when she has taken to nipping at a one year old's face when the child is playing near her. She recently lost her companion sister dog (a 12 year old Saint) and has shown signs of grief since then. Izzy loves to be pet of course and likes to play with other dogs. She likes to sit with her front paws crossed and has an heir of royalty about her. She is a good dog and deserves a good home to spend the remainder of her days. The family is heartbroken that she has to be re-homed but think it is in the best interest of the safety of the baby. 8/26/2014

Jackson: is 11 months old and is in Pittsburgh, PA and is awaiting a wonderful family to adopt, love and care for him.  He needs a family that have older children, no cats.  Jackson needs a big fur brother or sister to love and play with in a fenced in yard. He is a loving snuggle bear once he knows you and know you won't hurt him.  He is with a trainer now learning manners.  Please call Dawn at 610-787-2353 if you are interested in knowing more.  BTW - he is quite beautiful and pictures do not do him justice. 8/26/2014

Bubba: Meet Bubba! Bubba is a purebred Saint Bernard who was the unfortunate victim of a divorce.  He is neutered and up to date on vaccines and is currently living in foster care.  Bubba didn’t have very good manners when he first went into foster but he learned quickly.  However,  he tries hard to intimidate all new people sometimes by growling, sometimes by jumping up towards their face and growling.  He can pick non-alpha people out right away and will make attempts to show dominance within the first few minutes.  Bubba is also the kind of dog who will continually push buttons to determine his place in pack (be it with other animals or people) However, if new people are introduced by waiting until Bubba becomes relaxed, then Bubba will approach them in an appropriate manner and behave himself.  In most cases, if Bubba is stood up to, he generally will back down rather quickly as he really just wants your love and affection. Bubba is roughly 6 years old and very healthy.  He is house and crate trained, neutered, and current on vaccinations.  He gets along well with most dogs and knows how to behave around cats however, he sometimes has to be reminded that he needs to “play nice.” 8/19/2014

Zoey: was rescued from a shelter in Allentown, PA and was brought into foster for evaluation and care.  She is a great gal but needs a home with saint or giant dog experience.  She is currently living with puppies, yorkie and two female saints.  She has been a delight to walk on leash and is a very loving care dog that will attach herself to you quickly.  Zoey is ready for a forever home who will continue with training and walks (which she loves so much and it is good for bonding with you and her health).  Please email Jen at for more information on her. 8/15/2014

Louie: is an 18 month old 150lb St Bernard.  He loves his family and is very protective of his kids.   He was crate trained but now has free roam of the home.  He doesn't get into the trash or have accidents.  He enjoys swimming and playing tug of war on a walk; he needs some training on his leash.  Overall he is a vibrant and handsome young pup but has to find a new home due to aggression with visitors and the children's young friends.  He would do best with a strong male owner.  He hasn't been exposed to cats and the groomer says he is fine with the other dogs while at  her shop when he goes for his bath.  He is currently located in Clinton, CT.  Family has no time for him or continue his training and he is going thru his terrible teen years. 7/31/2014

Penny: is a three/four year old saint. She fell into our laps (literally) about 4 months ago when she jumped into my husband's truck and refused to get out. She came to us weighing about 65 lbs and sick. Penny now weighs 105 lbs and has a clean bill of health! She was just spayed and is ready for adoption. Penny is extremely affectionate and receptive to all people. She often tries to lay on our laps! All she wants is to be loved and fed regularly. It only costs about a dollar a day to keep her satisfied. Penny is house trained and well behaved when left home alone. She is now residing with four children ages six, nine, twelve, and sixteen; she knows her limits with all of them and can be trained to love littler ones too. She loves to play tug a war and chase sticks. She also shares her yard with ten bunnies. She likes to follow them around and lie next to them while they eat the grass. She loves stuffed animals; playing with them, sleeping with them, and rearranging them. She is good with bathing, clippings, brushing, and vacuuming as long as you move slowly. She loves to go for walks on a leash. She is getting used to her name and responds to most commands. She is stubborn, but can be conned into anything with a treat. As with any rescued animal, she does have her quirks. She has an aversion to other canine friends or should I say enemies! I'm sure with some hard work and persistent good experiences you could help her with this. She also needs more training before she can participate in gatherings involving food. Although she respects her limits within her home, she is over stimulated by large numbers of people and food together. PENNY IS CURRENT IN CONNECTICUT. PLEASE CALL JEN AT 484-375-8052 OR EMAIL US SAINTSRGREAT6@YAHOO.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION. 7/21/2014

Rocco: 7 yrs old.  Sweet Sweet Dog.  He gets along with everything and everyone - at Pleasant Valley Animal Hospital getting fully vetted//will be fostered in Northern NJ.  Please email us at for more information on this guy.  Also, can you please make sure you give us your location and phone number so we can get a hold of you more quickly.  Thank you so much for wanting to saving a needy saint bernard. Nash is a 8 yr old Male Saint Bernard (mix). His owner has cancer and unable to take care of him.  Nash is ok with small dogs but hasn't been around kids.  He is currently living in Albany, NY.




Yogi: Hi my name is Yogi I am a 7 yr old St Bernard and this is my story. I was living with a family who had to move and no one will accept a dog as big as I am into an apartment, so my owners are heart broken that I need to find another home. So like I said I am 7 yrs old and neutered, UTD on my shots but my rabies is coming up, I am housetrained, not destructive at all. Another thing please don't let my age full you I still have spunk I've grown up with 3 kids and keep up with them. Yogi is in the Wilkes Barre PA area. 4/15/2014 

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