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If you are interested in becoming a foster or volunteer with Oregon Bernard Rescue please download application below fill it out and sign and mail to address included. (You will need Adobe reader)


These folks donate most (if not all) of the food used by local rescue.

"Happy Saint Bernard's fed by donations from Whole Pets NW"

Buddy: is a 4.5yr old, tall, male saint.  Weights 105lb and need to gain at least another 20lbs. He was surrendered by his family of 4.5yr due to financial hard ship. He was raised with children. He is a good boy with lots of energy.  He loves to give saint hugs and will sit on you if your on the floor. Suggest you ban him when you try to do yoga or stretch. Otherwise he will lay on you. Buddy not against taking stuff off the counters. He doesn't get on the furniture and will drink out of a hose. We are working on his jumping on people. Worse when he is hyper. He not fond of the bath tub but will allow you to hose him off outside.  I assume he get use to the bath tub as time goes or just pay to have him bathed. He currently smells slightly of a sunk. He got bathed numerous times that night and the following days. Buddy is one of those special dogs who fine with strangers and other dogs. I can see his laying by your feet while your watch one of your children playing soccer. He will protect you on your morning walk to pick up Starbucks or Dutch bro. He would be a very loyal companion to a family who will give him the attention he wants and deserves. Give him a chance you will fall in love with Buddy. 10/15/2014

Charlie: is a handsome, young, smooth coat St. Bernard. He weighs 140 lbs and is quite tall. He will be two years old at the end of October. Charlie has a very calm and gentle spirit. He gets along with people and other dogs, and he is very social. He likes company. Charlie gets nervous around very young children. He has very few bad habits. He is housebroken, and can hold his bladder for a LONG time! He does not dig, jump up, or try to escape his back yard. He walks well on a lead, and loves to go for walks. He rides well in the car, and loves that as well. He is very sensitive, expressive and affectionate. Charlie is neutered, micro-chipped, and up to date on his shots, and ready to settle in to a safe, loving forever home with someone to keep him company. He is in a foster home after two knee surgeries but is healing nicely and expected to make a full recovery due to his good health and youth. 10/4/2014

Nana: Hello!  We would like to introduce Nana.  She is a very sweet approximated age of 8 years young.  She came to us from a previous farm and is exceptional around animals AND people.  She loves peanut butter as a treat but even more so just a hug and a pet.  She loves to lay next to where you’re sitting and pretty much sleeps but does enjoy a casual walk.  Won’t you give her a chance?  She won’t let you down. 8/30/2014

Pharaoh: is a 3 year old long-haired male who has had an interesting and sheltered life.  He was adopted from a shelter and the owner had him for 2 years – he lived with three other dogs until the owners health became to poor to be able to care for Pharaoh and his furbrothers.  He LOVES children.  His foster home has three dogs-male, female, small and large- he even got along with their ferrets, however he is not found of cats in any way and thinks they are prey.  This may very well be something he can learn is not OK, but it would be best if he was in a no-cat family.  Also, Pharaoh is good with his “pack” but has to be introduced to others slowly; he will not ever be a “dog park” dog and would do best with someone that has acreage or a very large property.  He knows basic commands but will need a strong pack leader to help him grow into a better mannered boy.  His foster family loves him very much and would keep him if they could trust him with cats and new acquaintances- because he is a very loving, loyal boy 8/22/2014

Eloise: is about 5 1/2 years old. She is a short hair, and like most rescues has had a rough life. But Eloise has a Personality that everyone will fall in love with! Will you give Eloise a chance to win your heart? Eloise likes to be in charge and wants your affection all to herself so a single dog family would be best for her. 8/10/2014

Annie: is a sweet, gentle soul.  She is 4 and a half years old. She has only been in foster care for a brief period, but she is making the transition very well.  Annie loves people and will follow whoever is moving around the house.  She is also curious and will explore.  She is very good with children.  She gets along with other dogs but will chase cats if they run.  Annie loves attention and will lay down for long periods of time with you.  Her excitement can get the best of her and she will sometimes jump.  She also has a little trouble listening.  However, obedience training will help mitigate this.  Annie is eager to please, so training should not be an issue and will benefit her and her forever family. 7/30/2014


Lucy: is a beautiful young lady that just turned two in April.  She was turned into rescue as her family was moving and couldn’t take her with them.  She came from the Portland area where she had numerous allergy problems.  Her new home would be best in the Southern part of the state as she hasn’t had any problems since being in foster care.  Lucy has also had cruciate (knee) surgery and will need the other knee done in a few months which is already paid for.  Lucy loves to play, came from a home with two grade school age boys and really prefers women but does fine once introduced to men.  She is housebroken and was very well taken care of in her previous home.  Lucy is spayed, up to date on all shots and ready to become part of another family. She is definitely a lover and enjoys attention. 7/29/2014

Peanut: is an 8 year old, female.  AS a senior, she is looking for a forever home to live out her final days.  Peanut had a wonderful life prior to her coming to rescue.  She was owned by a retired couple that traveled in their motor home where she accompanied her humans everywhere, so she is a great and calm traveler.  Both her owners passed away leaving Peanut to wonder what happened.  She is wonderful with people and is currently living with two females and one male dog friends.  We think that she would prefer to be the one and only.  She is good with cats but if they run, she will chase them.  She is housetrained, spayed and up to date on her shots.  Will you be the the one to adopt this sweet girl? 7/10/2014


Cisco: is an eight year old longhaired Saint Bernard.  He is probably best in an only dog home although he did well with other dogs until coming into rescue.  A retired home would be the best for Cisco.  He loves to play each night in his foster home by running around the yard and plopping at your feet for a tummy rub.  He is neutered and up to date on his shots, heartworm free, and micro chipped.  Cisco is a love per his foster family and deserves to live out his life with lots of attention. 7/8/2014


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