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If you are interested in becoming a foster or volunteer with Oregon Bernard Rescue please download application below fill it out and sign and mail to address included. (You will need Adobe reader)


These folks donate most (if not all) of the food used by local rescue.

"Happy Saint Bernard's fed by donations from Whole Pets NW"

Rosie: We would like to introduce Rosie!  Not much is known about her and we approximate her age at four.  She is a very lovely girl who came to us in poor condition.  With a little TLC Rosie has blossomed into a loving Saint Bernard.  She weighed in at her last check up at 105 lbs.  She has no major health concerns.  She knows how to come, lay down, sit and walks well on a leash.  Her disposition is gentle and sweet and she is very eager to please.  Rosie is absolutely amazing with kids, elderly, and other dogs.  She currently resides with another Saint Bernard in a cat free home.  Rosie will make an excellent addition to any family home. 4/10/2014

Tawny: came to the shelter in deplorable condition; tossed aside as a senior because her owners could no longer get puppies from her and thought her too much work. We are looking for someone willing to take Tawny in and allow her to live out her life in joy and comfort. She is a good girl and deserves better than the hand she has been dealt - would you be that home for Tawny? Here is what we know; She is 11 and spayed. She has been relinquished to my care because she is older and her owners no longer want the responsibility. She seems to still move pretty good, her hips arenít what they once were but she gives her best. I think her hearing is going a bit as well but once you have her attention she is has lots of loves to give. Gets along with other dogs and pays no mind to cats. I also know she was raised with to rowdy boys so kids are no problem either. She was pretty dirty and matted but had a great temperament . She just needs a porch to finisher her time out on. There is an angel looking out for her in Roseburg while we find a suitable forever home for tawny - are you that home? 3/26/2014

Bear: is approximately two and a half years old and is a mixed Saint Bernard (possibly a Leonberger parent).  Bear does better with women and some obedience training would be helpful. He lives with another male but has problems with strange dogs by barking.  He does well with cats and is housetrained.  He loves his car rides and of course, belly rubs.  Bear would do best with a homebound family that wouldnít offer a lot of stress.  He does have some allergies which will have to be maintained FYI Costco citerazane (Aler-Tec) is 365/~$14.00At. Bear deserves a home where he will be happy.  Experienced large dog applicants is a must. 3/24/2014

Adoption Pending

Kaiser: is 5 years old, 115lb, long hair, big headed male saint. He drools a lot. He is a good dog, great personality, lots of energy. This is his second time in rescue. He previous owners feel on hard times and had to give him back. He fine with small children (lived with three young boys). He does love car rides. You wonít need to lock your car with him in there. He got a deep bark. You more likely to have people come up and ask to pet him, can I take a photo with him. He tends to get noticed. He does enjoy chasing goats but has never attacked one. Chances are you donít have goats. His flaws: When eating he likes to drop his food on the floor and doesnít always eat it all. He can reach the counter and not against taking stuff off it. He has a fondness for good bread. He did dislocate his back hip at the named foster home. Itís all healed up and he back, to his old active self.  He would be a very loyal companion to a family who will give him the attention he deserves. Give him a chance you will fall in love with Kaiser. 3/18/2014


Max: We don't know a lot about Max.  He is aprox 4 and came in to a local shelter who called us.  We have not had a foster home to put him in and the shelter has been great ; our volunteer goes several times a week and he is good walking, he seems to be Ok around all other dogs but he really needs to get out of there.  If you would be interested in taking Max in a foster basis, we would be happy to discuss.  Please call us and we will update this information as soon as we have more detail. 3/18/2014

Hannah: came to rescue from an animal shelter.  She is  approximately 4 years of age and ready to find her forever home.  Hannah is friendly, sweet, affectionate and willing to "fit in".  She gets along with people and other dogs.  She is trained to sit, come and down.  Seems very intelligent and is very willing and wants to please.  Very sweet temperament.  We recommend Hannah go to a cat free home.  However with supervision and training Hannah may learn to adjust to a life with cats.

Adoption Pending

Louie: is an saintly gentlemen who was removed from a neglect situation in Bend Oregon. He was a wreck when he came in and stole the hearts of the shelter personnel as well as the officer who had removed him. He is in the care of St Bernard Rescue at this time, recovering from badly needed eye surgery. We think he is about 7-8 years old  so he needs a peaceful home where someone will allow him to live out his golden years; he is well mannered, potty trained and quiet. Currently, he is in a safe but not optimum situation and we need him to be settled in a home where he can be warm, loved and petted every day. Is that home with you? If so, please fill out an application at and mention LOUIE. 3/13/2014

Adoption Pending


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