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Many of our rescued dogs have needed medical attention, and the dogs in need of medical care keep coming. Please call us if you can help us by making a cash donation.


Our adoption fees are; Under 6 years $300.00, 6 years and over $200.00, Saint mix $200.00

Ruby: is an eight year young sweetheart who came in with Toby. You would never know she is eight though. Our volunteer said that when he took her to his photo studio she figured out that the camera beeps before the flash and would run and try to hide every time the camera beeped, so outside photos it was. Silly girl don’t be camera shy as you are so beautiful. She loves car rides, people and likes other dogs. 1/24/2017

Alaska: is a beautiful two year old charmer. She is sweet, playful and very loving. Alaska previously lived with her sister Denali, who has already found her forever home, and a nine year old little girl. Alaska is running to your heart and saying “I am ready to go home with you”. 1/18/2017

Gypsy: is not over two years old. Gypsy and her friend Montana had a very hard start to their early lives – Montana is still recovering at the vets. Gypsy was picked up in the desert, thirsty, hungry and underweight, sores on her paws and body, matted dirty fur with various objects hidden in the tangles, parasites, she had it all from living in the desert. Gypsy loves people of all ages, going for walks, is curious about pools and loves her tennis balls and toys. Getting along with another dog depends on the other dog’s demeanor. We feel both Gypsy and Montana were attacked by Coyotes which sometimes makes her a little leery of other dogs when first meeting. You can see she had to have the hair shaved under her chin as it was too matted to save but it will soon grow out and her coat will be as gorgeous as it should have been all along. 1/11/2017

Dozer: is a gorgeous two year old male. He is a little shy at first but warms up quickly. Dozer loves people, dogs of all sizes, cats, cuddles and above all – he loves water. He will find any puddle he can and bounce around in it. 1/10/2017

Harli: is a sweet and very lovable five year old female. She is an active young female, full of energy, likes to play and can run like the wind. Harli is a cuddler and craves attention. She previously lived with Dozer. 1/10/2017

Gordo: what a handsome big loveable lug. He likes other dogs of all sizes and lived with another saint and a small dog. He loves people of all ages and lived with small children. This guy is so loving, kind and gentle. He is five years old and loves his walks with our volunteers. Gordo is an all-around great saint for any family. 1/5/2017

Diamond: is a sweet six year old female. She is looking for either a foster home or an adoptive home. Diamond loves people of all ages and is a very sweet girl. She will need to be the only dog in the house. 9/2/2016

Claude: is a handsome two year old sweetheart. His favorite thing in the whole wide world is people. Claude must be the only dog in the home.  Change his age to 4 years old. He loves everyone and no one is a stranger to him – they are just another person to give loves to. Come meet this goofball and get lots and lots of love and kisses. 5/21/2016

Allie: is a very regal looking four year old Saint mix. We don’t know what the mix side is but it doesn’t really matter because she is gorgeous. Allie loves, loves, loves people of all ages and just wants to be close to you. She is a fun loving girl who also has great manners. Allie is all dressed up in her cool summer shades and hat ready to go home with her new family. 5/20/2016

Buck: & Bronco: Look-out because two large and tall handsome guys with loads of love are wanting to meet you. The brothers are seven years old and must go together since they have lived their whole lives together and are very bonded. They wiggle and bounce up and down wanting loves from you. They would hang out with you watching sports and rooting for your favorite team or licking away your tears from the sad movie on the television. 4/20/2016

Emily: is estimated to be five years old. She is a beautiful and regal looking smooth coat (shorthaired) saint. Emily was found as a stray in the desert and we are learning more about her great personality every day. She doesn't like other dogs but this could be because as we have discovered, Emily is deaf. She is a people lover and a very sweet girl who would be a great member of your family. 1/12/2016

Bear: is a handsome boy with that beautiful red coat. He is very affectionate and a real Velcro dog. Bear came in with Bella but she has already found her home. Both were in such sad shape, hair missing, skin problems from fleas, skinny, and craving affection. Bear still needs some more weight but he is filling out nicely and has a full coat of shiny hair now. 2/5/2015