Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation, Inc.



Jacque Patterson
(602) 920-1826



Many of our rescued dogs have needed medical attention, and the dogs in need of medical care keep coming. Please call us if you can help us by making a cash donation.


Our adoption fees are; Under 6 years $300.00, 6 years and over $200.00, Saint mix $200.00

Ginger: is a one year old sweetie pie of a saint. She loves to cuddle with you and zip around you like crazy and then stop at your feet for loves. Ginger was turned in to a high kill shelter in California with her remaining puppy. They were separated and the puppy was adopted shortly after. This left Ginger alone and afraid. After pulling her a wonderful lady fostered her and helped her to start learning life would be kind to her and food would always be there to eat. Since coming to the rescue she has continued to blossom and show her great personality. She now loves to go outside and zip around the play yard at full speed then stop right at your feet for loves and off she goes again. She loves treats and will run with them to her favorite blanket to lay down and savor the treats she never had before. She still doesn’t know what toys are for but loves rolling around on her blanket and hiding her nose in it. She has been meeting the other rescues through the fence and seems to want to play with them. We will be introducing them shortly. 10/27/2017

Hercules: is a very handsome guy at around 18 months of age. He loves his wubba dog toy and his jack stuffy. When he wants your attention he will go get it, squeak it and watch you to see if you noticed. If you need help with tree planting – Hercules is your guy. He must be the only dog in the home because he does want all the attention and loves from you. 10/17/2017

Gunther: is another handsome boy at the rescue. He loves affection and being with you. Gunther must be the only dog in the house as he wants all the loves. When you come up to his run he flies through the doggy door and comes running to greet you and to get loves. He has a very beautiful mahogany coat. 10/4/2017

Lilly: is a very sweet and loving five year old doll. She loves toys, her bed, people of all ages, other dogs and cats too. The brown on her face is from tear stains and she will be having her eyes checked soon for entropion and the surgery will make her feel much better and no more tears. 9/18/2017

Rocky: is a sweet twelve month old saint mix. He is very loveable, loves people and likes other dogs. He is a mellow dog but also loves his playtime. He has gone to one adoption event that had thousands of people and dogs coming through and he wowed everyone with his loving and playful nature. 9/5/2017

Mozart: is a fun loving energetic young guy. He loves people, going for walks/jogs/hiking and loves. He likes to get his treats/Nyla bone and then he will immediately plop down on his bed for a good chew on his treat or bone. He is housetrained and doesn’t chew on anything other than his bones. Mozart was not well taken care of in his former home. He would have to scrounge for food at a market next to his home. Finally after enough complaints from the neighbors the Sherriff’s office took them from their owners and Mozart came to the rescue. 7/11/2017

Danny Boy: is a very sweet four year old baby. He loves people, has attended many adoption events and is a big hit with everyone there. He does do best with children eight and up because small children kind of baffle him so he just backs away from them but we would prefer no children in the home. Danny Boy loves to shake paw with you. He likes other dogs outside of the home but prefers to be the only dog in the home. 5/23/2017

Mickey: who is affectionately called “Too Tall” is almost two years old. He is a real sweetheart who is very loving. Mickey does require a home with an experienced big dog family. His previous “family” took him to a vet to have him euthanized because he had diarrhea but the vet wouldn’t do it and kept him. They adopted him out once but he was returned because they stated he was bossy. We haven’t seen this in him during his time at the rescue. We have only seen a sweet gentle baby who loves his bed and was afraid to eat out of a bowl. We gave him a secure stand and a bowl that fit securely in the stand and he eats like a champ. 3/9/2017

Harli: is a sweet and very lovable five year old female. She is an active young female, full of energy, likes to play and can run like the wind. Harli is a cuddler and craves attention. She previously lived with Dozer. 1/10/2017