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Sanchino: is a 2 1/2 year old male Great Dane/Mastiff mix. Sanchino is a very playful boy, but can be clumsy and excited, and knock over little kiddos. No small animals are recommended due to his size and his own lack of understanding of his size :) He would love a family that has time to give him attention, and work on some socialization. He did great at his obedience class, but the owner admits he didn't maintain the training, so a refresher course would be a great thing for Sanchino and his new family to do together. Apply to adopt Sanchino at All dogs in the home must be fixed, fenced yard required as he will wander off, and we only adopt to within 12 hours of Boise, ID. 5/21/2019

Axel: New boy Axel is looking for his forever home! He is great with bigger dogs, but absolutely no cats or small animals. We are told that he’s really good with kids also but he does have a powerful tail that whips around. Axel is stunningly gorgeous and it just doesn’t show up in the pictures, but this big strong powerful boy is something to behold. Axel is five years old And we are told he is house trained but has marked in the house before. If interested in adopting, apply at All dogs in the home must be fixed, fenced yard is absolutely required, and we only adopted within 12 hours of Boise Idaho. Thank you Paul and Debby for picking him up and taking him to his foster home! 5/9/2019

Jack: is a 1 1/2 year old male Saint Bernard mix looking for his happy ever after. He is currently in foster with two other dogs and is doing great with them! His foster mom said he is a very gentle boy with her kids as well, and just a giant baby. When you leave him alone, he needs to be able to see out the window. He is house trained and very mellow. If interested in adopting, please apply at yard required. All dogs in the home must be fixed. We adopt to within 12 hours of Boise, ID. 4/1/2019

Otis: is a GORGEOUS 4 year old Great Dane looking for his forever home. Otis is having a blast playing with Sage, his foster canine sister, and is so good with the kids in the home. Otis is just a massive, slobbery love ♥ He hates being left behind, but will kennel up without issue. When he's been left to free roam, he's done great. And when his foster comes home, it's like he hasn't seen them in years! That tail gets going like crazy. He is great in the car too. He does bark when new people come around, and kind of hang back until he's a little more sure. Otis is a very good dog. Due to his insane tail, we do not recommend small children. Otis is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and heartworm tested. He's looking for a lap to sit on, and some active folks to take him out to do fun stuff! No couch potatoes please. He would truly prefer a home with another bigger playful dog too. All animals in the home must be fixed, fenced yard is absolutely required as he thinks getting out is a fun cat/mouse game. We adopt to within 12 hours of Boise. Thank you to Keely and Adam for fostering! Apply at application. 4/17/2019

Charlotte: and Izzie: are 1-year old female Saint Bernards. The owner would like them to be adopted together. They are good with dogs, cats and kids. Izzie is a little skittish with men, but overall they are both very friendly. House trained, crate trained, and as you can see, Izzie is a Nosey Neighbor! All animals in the home must be fixed. Fenced yard required. We adopt to within 12 hours of Boise, ID. If interested in adopting this gorgeous pair of spayed girls, please apply at application. 3/18/2019

SYLVIE: OKAY...LET'S PUT IT OUT THERE. SYLVIE IS GORGEOUS. YOU KNOW IT. I KNOW IT. SHE KNOWS IT. She's sweet, loving, walks pretty well on leash, has been playing with all the doggos at day care, is a favorite among the staff and dog why the lack of interest??? Sylvie is darn near perfect...except her ummmm over interest in cats. She is house trained, rides well in the car, and is just an overall amazing dog! Sylvie does have epilepsy and takes meds twice a day, but the meds are not super expensive (especially with!). She is a goof ball for sure! Fenced yard required. All dogs must be fixed. We adopt to within 12 hours of Boise, ID. Apply to adopt our cutie patootie at

SUNNY: Sunny is a 6 ish year old Saint Bernard.  He is an absolute sweetheart with people, but we do not recommend kids under 16.  He is incredibly loving and sweet!  He can be a resource guarder (food, water, treats, etc) and would do best as an only dog or with a dog and owner that will understand his cues.  He does currently live with two other dogs, but will growl if they get too close to "his" stuff, but he seeks them out to cuddle and sleep, or play.  Experienced giant breed owners only.  Fenced yard required.  All other animals in the home must be fixed.  We adopt to within 12 hours of Boise, Idaho. Apply to adopt at application. 8/29/2018