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Volunteer/Foster  Application for Idaho In Word format

Volunteer/Foster Application for Idaho In .pdf format

Gus: is a 3 year old male Saint Bernard. He has been an outdoor dog his whole life, so may need some help with potty training. He is a sweet, mushy boy who seeks attention and affection. We will be working with him on proper play with other dogs as he is under socialized. He wants to play so badly though! Fenced yard required and all animals must be fixed. NO small animals. Apply to adopt Gus at application. 11/17/2017

LUCY: IS A DERPY DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH! Well, our Lucy girl keeps getting overlooked somehow. She is a wonderful girl, she just needs someone to give her a chance to settle in and get comfortable. Lucy does not do well with small animals, but will do great with a happy go lucky bigger dog. No young kids either please as they make her nervous (over 8 years old preferred). Lucy is sweet as sugar and does the Dane lean against your legs for comfort or attention. Lucy is house trained and not destructive when left alone. She is ready to go to her new home. Apply to adopt at application. Fenced yard is required and all other animals must be fixed. 11/9/2017

Dookie: IS LOOKING FOR HIS FOREVER FAMILY! Dookie is approximately 9 years old, and is a big cuddly bear. Good with bigger dogs, NO small animals. Fenced yard needed, and he would love someone who works from home or is home quite a bit. Not absolutely necessary, just his preference. If you are interested in adopting, apply at application.11/8/2017

Bonnie: is a year old Great Dane, great with other dogs, very energetic, has separation anxiety, but seems to do better with another dog in the home to keep her company and a dog door to go in and out as she wants. Bonnie is great with kids too. Apply to adopt at application. 11/8/2017

Petunia: is a baby at just 5-6 months old and is FULL of energy! No lazy households for this girl! She is a Great Dane mix (we are thinking possible Catahoula? What do you think?) She is just a love and sweet as can be with other dogs and kids. Petunia is full of P & V and will keep you on your toes, so she will need an active household that will take her places, let her run, take her hiking or on lots of walks, etc. We would like her to go to a home with another playful dog and a fenced yard. All other animals in the home must be fixed. Apply to adopt this cutie pie at application. 9/28/2017

Atticus: is a 1 1/2 year old Great Dane. Good with kids, needs a proper into to other dogs. Great with cats. 9/28/2017

Tash: is an 8 month old female Saint Bernard mix, great with other dogs. Loves to cuddle. Apply to adopt at application. 6/19/2017

OSO: is approximately 3 years old, although he acts younger :) He is said to be a Saint Bernard/Golden Retriever...who knows though? He is a big, cuddly, fuzzy bear. He LOVES to play with other dogs and over the time we have gotten to know him, we have decided that is a must in his new home...another playful dog for him to romp with. He adores toys too and the squeakier the better! Oso also adores children and does fine with cats unless they run, then the chase is on (only for play...) Oso's perfect day would be rolling in the grass, tossing his toys around, playing chase, and then cuddling on the couch to watch a movie. Oh, if he could swim in there too that would be great. Oso can climb fences so a 6 foot or taller fence with no footholds is required.  No chain link fences. Apply to adopt our cuddlebear today at application. 3/23/2016