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Ann Richards

(480) 951-8495

Marilyn Lupinski

(480) 991-0848

Jacque Patterson

(602) 920-1826





Many of our rescued dogs have needed medical attention,  and the dogs in need of medical care keep coming.  Please call us if you can help us by making a cash donation.

Our adoption fees are; Under 6 years $300.00, 6 years and over $200.00, Saint mix $200.00


Frieda: is almost one year old and what a doll she is. She is very sweet and loving.  When Frieda is out in the yard and sees you, she will fly across the yard to greet you and promptly “flop” on her back for belly rubs.  Frieda’s life didn’t start out very well.  She was left outside with very little human contact and was neglected. She has come a long way in her recovery and loves human attention. 7/25/2014

Adoption Pending

Diezzel: is a big handsome guy.  He likes going for walks with his fellow rescue friends, has exceptional leash manners and stunning good looks. 6/26/2014

Adoption Pending

Cheyenne: & Gretchen: are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.  They are 3 years old, sisters, both have a half mask and one blue eye.  They like playing, going for rides, other dogs and love, love, love people. They previously lived with a six year old girl who loved them but she had severe allergies, so the girls came to our rescue. Both are very sweet, loving, gentle and where you see one, you see the other.  They attend our adoption events and everyone there has to come over and give this stunning pair loves. Their former owners would take them for evening walks and ended up meeting all their neighbors every night because they were a neighborhood favorite. 6/26/2014

Beethoven: is a very handsome boy. These pictures are from when he first came into the rescue.  He has since been groomed and his coat has really filled out and it is gorgeous.  Beethoven is laid back, loves cuddles, being brushed and people. 6/26/2014


Sebastian: is a beautiful male who is estimated to be nine months old and is housetrained. Sebi, as he is affectionately known, LOVES to play. His favorite toys are his pull rope (pictured with) and large ball. He will gladly chase the ball with you and have a fun round of rope-tug. His favorite thing next to playing with his toys is people he loves people and loves people playing with him. 6/5/2014

Maddie: is estimated to be 3 to 4 years old.  She came in with Beauregard who has already found his home and she is missing him a little bit. She is starting to blossom and what a sweet personality she has. She really loves being around people and is very gentle.  Maddie has the longer saint coat but in the pictures you see she had previously been shaved down and her coat is coming back in. 6/4/2014

Adoption Pending

Sugar: is the original Velcro girl.  She is sooooo very sweet, loving and wants nothing more than to be with you.  When she came to us at six months of age, she would move around by dragging her back legs.  She could stand and walk but refused to do so.  We took her to the vets and found out she had some issues with her knees and would need surgery.  Sugar is now all healed up from the surgery, moving around fine and loves to play with the other saints in her foster home. 5/23/2014

Chloe: is a beautiful Saint/Golden mix.  She is a very sweet girl who is inquisitive about her surroundings when out and about, but she always checks back in and does not want to be far from you for long. As you can see in one of the pictures, she has mastered the art of couch sitting.  She has been around children as young as five and would give the kids in PetSmart chin kisses. 5/23/2014

Kelly: is a stunningly beautiful and regal looking four year old female saint. Under that beautiful exterior is a very playful and loving girl. Kelly loves to go on walks, play and cuddle. She came from a home with children who she adored. She also previously lived with two medium sized dogs and currently likes to go on walks with fellow rescue, Diezzel. 2/18/2014

Baily: is a senior guy who doesn't act like a senior one bit. If he didn't have the white on his face you would think he was more like three years old.  Baily came in to the rescue with Roxy due to their owner passing away.  They do not have to be adopted together. Baily can also go home as permanent foster, contact us and we would be happy to tell you about our foster program. 9/14/2013

Finnegan: What can we say except 'WOW' what a gorgeous guy he is! Finnegan loves people, getting attention from people, and playing with people. He plain loves people of all ages. He is a young guy, vet doesn't think he is over two. He is putting on weight but still needs at least another 35 or so pounds. He is all about playing and loving you. Finnegan is one big happy go lucky, loving goofball. 9/8/2013

Cody: is around two years old.  He is one big lug of a lover boy as you can see in his pictures.  Cody will need a strong alpha parent with big dog experience in the family. He is like a child in that if you let him get away with something he will see just how much he can get away with.  He can be a little stubborn too.  He is a beautiful boy and he gets along great with other dogs. 9/24/2011

Bubba: Bubba is a shorthaired male that just turned 2 years old.  He loves to play with you for as long as you want and is not one to turn down treats.  He spent the first part of his life left and ignored in the backyard...because of this, he is starving for attention and love.  One of our members had him in there home for several days and said he was very well mannered, didn't chew up anything and only needed to be shown the doggy door routine a couple times before he got the hang of it.  Bubba loves children too.  They had their grandkids over, ages one and up and he was very gentle and loving with them.  He did think their cats were little play toys that moved, so no cats for Bubba. 1/25/2010


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